Need a reason to DANCE?
Need motivation to GET FIT?
Need a little push to get you into a class with Latin Vibrations?

Here is a taste of what Latin Vibrations students have to say about our classes...

"Zumba has given me confidence, self-acceptance and happiness. I have energy to live my life to the fullest. I have discovered that exercise can be fun and that I can achieve anything! I have lost 12.5kg in 6 months and am working towards my Zumba body! I love Zumba!!!!!!!" - Vanessa L.

"Starting with two classes a week then within a few months up to five or 6, my husband soon became a Zumba-widow. I Zumba for fun and fitness and I'm Mrs Cranky-Pants without it ! My body shape has changed and I've lost about 6 kilos. It's fun and I love it!" - Meagan L.

"Since I started Zumba 7 months ago I’ve lost weight and toned up.  Exercise was once a chore but now I find Zumba is the only way to exercise, have fun, lose weight and tone up. I am much happier, have more energy, and my boyfriend now describes me as Zumbalicious!" - Annette S.

"I lost 10kgs over 3 months!  6 months ago I was forced to make a lifestyle change. Working at a computer for long hours, created chronic neck and back pain, and lead to pressure on my spinal discs.
Zumba helped to realease the pressure and reduce the pain and stress levels. Movement is the key!" - Renee J. (Zumba Instructor)

“I lost 8kgs in two months dancing Samba, but I didn’t realise how much fitter I could look and be until I started Zumba. Even my masseuse commented on my new toned shape! I feel more confident and have more energy to get through my busy week. I love Zumba!” - Jodie C. (Zumba Instructor, Latin Vibrations owner)

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